Fuck Yeah Gardevoir





I can assure you that I am capable of forming complete sentences, unlike some of your other followers. Do you mind if I inquire as to what's been keeping you busy recently? School, work, family, tough times? No motivation? Simply no time? I understand that you are likely busy, but a reason would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Little of column A, little of column B.  School and work certainly take up a lot of time, but I also kinda burnt out on Tumblr.  I tend to be a bit obsessive when it comes to catching up on forums and chats and such, and doing that on Tumblr with the amount I follow eats up a sizable chunk of time that could be better spent on things I give more priority to.  As much as I like to look at and reblog pictures of Gardevoir, there are things I’d rather do and feel less creepy about.

Since I'm currently hatching hundreds of your eggs hoping for a blue raults what in your best opinion should I do with the green offspring? Should I release them hopelessly into the wild at lv.1 or should I wondertrade them to a loving home of another unwanted pokemon? I'm currently on egg 700 wish me luck!

I’m not an expert at this sort of thing.  I’ve only bred to complete my PokéDex, and I don’t do a lot of trading (I haven’t even tried the Wonder Trade yet).  However, I do understand that Wonder Trade is something of a crap shoot.  While you could use it to get something great in exchange for “worthless” Pokémon you don’t want anymore, you can just as easily get a “worthless” Pokémon in exchange for the nice little surprise you tossed into the system.  Unless there’s something special about those Ralts - perhaps a bred-on moveset or a particularly beneficial nature or IVs - that you can’t get just by catching your own in the wild, or you really want to try to win the Wonder Trade lottery, you’re probably just better off releasing them.  It’s not like anyone else would really do anything better with them.

Any pics of a pink you?

Just kidding.  This isn’t exactly a difficult image to find, but here’s one that I liked:

Luna the Pink Gardevoir by Yenshin

I c your pics on my PC

…Yeah…  Your computer requests them from Tumblr’s servers, receives them through your modem, and displays them in your browser.  That’s not so much a ringing endorsement as it is a statement of fact.  I fail to see how such an obvious observation is supposed to encourage me to scrounge up more Gardevoir images, especially since it’s been almost a year since I last posted one on this blog.  Or even browsed Tumblr for any meaningful amount of time.  I mean, you don’t even bother to use proper spelling or grammar. I don’t feel loved so much as hassled. I think it’s a bit much to ask someone who hasn’t actually worked on their blog for ten months to just pick right back up and get going again.  I mean, I could be too busy, even moved on to bigger and better things.  I’m not sure how you even found my blog given how little I’ve posted since then.  You must’ve done some digging.  There must be tons of other blogs with this stuff (or at least the Gardevoir tag itself) to fulfill your possibly-fetishized Gardevoir itch that you don’t need to ask me to get off my butt and dance like some monkey.

Well, I guess I could.  Maybe later.  If I feel like it.  Or remember.


That’s better.  I guess.


What’s the magic word?

can't wait you posting again ;)

That’s not a question (or even a complete sentence), but thank you anyway. ^_^

So Gardevoir What Region are you from?

Well, I was hatched in Unova, but my parents migrated from Sinnoh.